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Suomi/Koivisto is an architectural duo working in the field of environmental architecture. We are based in Helsinki, Finland.

We wish to create enjoyable living environments for both humans and non human beings. For us architecture is a force of change towards more sustainable living.

We make spaces, we research, teach, discuss and write. We believe in multidisciplinary co-operation. We search for new ways of studying societal questions through multisensory spatial experiences.  

We explore and strech the boundaries of architecture. We are interested in values guiding architectural decisions. The climate emergency and loss of biodiversity demand us to re-evaluate our place as part of the ecosystem. We want to build possible futures from the basis of the entanglement of human culture and nature.

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Elina Koivisto

Architect M.Sc.

+358 40 703 5865

Elina Koivisto is an architect (M.Sc.), doctoral researcher and educator at Aalto University. Her interests lie in the possibilities of natural building materials in encouraging care and agency for and of the built environment. In her practice-led research, she investigates, how a more caring approach together with human and non-human co-collaborators could change our bodily relations with the space and matter.

Maiju Suomi

Architect M.Sc.

+358 40 831 9811

Maiju Suomi is an architect (MSc), a doctoral researcher and an educator at Aalto University working in the field of environmental architecture. In her practice and teaching she focuses on bridging nature and culture through the creation of multisensory spatial experiences. In her practice-led research she explores how moving beyond a human-centered world-view affects architectural practice.

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